*CPMR will not have a 100# break for 2 barrel carbs. All Cars must weigh 3000# minimum.

**Any spoiler is accepatabe 8 inch max.

***Any OEM lower control arm in stock location 

Super Street rule addendums and clarifications for the Charlie Poague Memorial Race:

-No weight break for any style carburetor, all cars must weigh 3000lbs

-Rear filler panels optional

-Shock claim rule is not in effect, however shock rules still are:  Steel shocks only.  No Schrader valves, bulb       shocks, canister shocks, no adjustable shocks of any kind

-Hoosier M30, M60 and G60 only allowed

-No clip cars, must be full frame.

-Qualifying – cars will qualify in groups, but this is NOT group qualifying.  Everyone qualifies against the field.

With so much money on the line I cannot stress this enough: Tech will be thorough and enforced in accordance with the posted rules and our addendum rules for the Charlie Poague Memorial race. What may have been overlooked in the past will not be acceptable in this race. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH ILLEGAL PARTS/CAR. Fix it before you get here. We want your talent to shine. That being said:

Attention all CPMR racers. This is a final clarification on shocks allowed:

No bulb shocks of any kind will be allowed

Only shocks made of steel, 1 piece solid body, with one constant body diameter from top to bottom will be allowed. 

This will be strictly enforced. 

No Exceptions.