We'd like to thank Kevin Kerlin, he is now a sponsor of the 3rd annual CPMR. He has given:

-$100 for Fast Time

-$100 for Hard Charger

-$50 for Hard Luck

-$50 for Long Haul

Also thank you to Donnie & Dacia Rance for sponsoring $82 to the racer that finishes in 17th place

Team Chorizo/Calvin  Peek Racing added $100 to the winner of the non-qualifier race. The payout for 1st place is now $509!

-50 Lap Race

-Modified, Thunder Stock & Super Streets

-$10,109 to WIN

-$200 to start

-Non Qualifiers Race $509 to win, $100 to Start

-25 cars for the BIG race

-Pre-registration $35 & $50 at the door

-Open practice on Friday June 11th

-No points night for super streets

​-T-shirts are available  

There is no fee to enter this race, only the pit entry of $35 per person/driver OR $50 per driver day of if you do not pre-register.

We'd like to express our immerse gratitude to Five Star Racecar Bodies, Twisted Grafix, AAA Sewer & Drain Cleaning, and all the supporters of the lap board. 

PAYTON RACING to Thunder Stocks $50 to Each 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10th place finishers!

Race Ranch is sponsoring a Young Gun Award

$50 to the youngest driver to start Super Street Feature.

Any & all sponsorship is appreciated! We'd like to represent you at this exciting event! Sponsors can have their information on the banner for the podium, banners around the track, the BIG check, as well as sponsoring any finishes. With the popularity of the race you will definitely get positive brand exposure through social media, the internet, the racing community in several states, the fan bases, as well as announcements during the race, and the use of the Jumbotron at the track if desired. Show the teams and fans that you support this awesome sport we all love! Thanks for making this a great memorial for our racing friend, we all love and miss. FLY HIGH 109! 

Thunder Stocks:
             Fritz Racing
is sponsoring $1109 for first place this Saturday!!
2nd place will receive normal first place pay & so forth down the line!
He has also sponsored a drawing where the drivers will toss out balls with their number on them. The fan that has the ball with the car number that comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd will win $300, $200 or $100

Robert & Patty Hoover added $100 to the Longest Haul Award!

In Memory of Charlie added $50 to the Dash!

Open Practice (All Classes) Friday June 11th, 2021

​Charlie Poague Memorial Race  June 12, 2021

@Great Lakes Transportation, LLC
 has sponsored  $127 for EACH of these!!:
 -Super street A feature 7th place
-Super street A feature 12th place
-Super street B feature 7th place
-Thunder stock A feature 7th place
-Modified A feature 7th place
-Modified A feature 12th place